The following databases, transcribed in 2010-2011 by Starr Jageler and Susan Seager, are from ledgers archived at the Weld County Sheriff's office. These ledgers, dating back to 1863, include Clerk Dockets and Bar Dockets concerning court cases in Weld County, as well as the Weld County Jail logs. While the ledgers contain names, dates, type of court cases and outcomes, the transcription contains only the basic facts and location information (page and case number). Please do not contact the Weld County Sheriff's office for additional information; inquiries should be addressed to Ms. Jageler and/or Ms Seager in care of this website; please be certain that the subject of your email indicates that the query refers to the WCSO Ledgers.
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Court Ledgers Archived at the
Weld County Sheriff's Office
1867-75 Bar Docket
1871-72 Judge's Docket
1871-73 Clerk's Docket
1874-82 Court Docket
1877-84 Clerk's Docket
1871 Jury Lists
1884-85 Clerk's Docket
1884-85 Jury Lists
1892-95 Bar Docket
Weld County Jail Logs

Ledger II B
December 1914-January 1923
Ledger II A
November1909-September 1914

Ledger I 1879-1903