The Werner homestead (house built by Solomon Werner), 14 miles northwest of Briggsdale in 1908. A model A Ford stands in front of the house. Photo taken in 1941.
The Werner Family, 1923. Back Row: Solomon Jr, Benjamin, Samuel.Middle Row: Anna, Fred, Alex, Marie. Front Row: Clara, Solomon Sr, Theresa, David
1st family reunion, 1954 (Werner family reunions are still being held). Back row, L to R: David, Samuel, Marie, Fred, Clara, Alex, Solomon Jr. Seated: Anna, Solomon Sr., Theresa
Theresa Werner holding David, the youngest of her 17 children, 1917
Solomon & Theresa (Roth) Werner celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in their home in Greeley in 1942. They were married July 12, 1892 in Rasanoflk, Russia
Wedding photo of Martin and Anna (Werner) Wonenberg. Anna was the oldest daughter of Solomon and Theresa. The attendants are Sophie (Wemer) Hidel and John Werner. February 1914.
Werner grandchildren, 1933
Werner grandchildren: Art, Roland, Henry and Reuben
Solomon and Theresa (Roth) Werner at their home in Greeley.
Martin Wonenberg playing with his grandchildren (Theresa & Solomon Werner's great grandchildren) in the front yard of the Werner-Wonenberg home at 1115 7th Street in Greeley, Colorado
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